Rachel has unequivocally changed my life. Since starting a TRX-routine with Rachel about 3 months ago my energy is up, I've felt all-around better and positive, I feel stronger than I've ever been, and people are commenting on how good I look all the time, which only makes me feel even more positive about myself and life. The difference between working out by yourself and working out with an instructor in an organized class is incomparable. Rachel's small, organized classes are uniquely situated so that every participant gets individual attention, to the point where I remember one class, while starting a specific exercise, Rachel pointed out that I do it a certain way as I was experiencing pain the last time I tried it (the elbow plank). I hadn't even remembered that I trouble with it the last time!! Rachel is completely the perfect balance of motivating and light-hearted, it is a pleasure to attend her classes and I always walk away feeling completely worked out, and looking forward to the next one. A word about TRX specifically: I have worked out in various gyms for over 12 years and have never before experienced a proper FULL-BODY workout, like I do in TRX with Rachel. My legs have never been stronger. My core has never been stronger. I literally feel like a stronger person as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. Rachel is the reason that there is fitness in my life, and there are not enough words to express the gratitude I feel. I am absolutely a changed man, because of TRX with Rachel. Thank you!! :)

Yosef A.
Tel Aviv, Israel

TRX has been life-changing for me. Before I tried TRX, I was never excited about exercise and would rarely make it to the gym because I found it to be boring and difficult. Since starting TRX with Rachel over a year ago, I have become a committed exerciser, and it feels great. Thanks to Rachel, I learned that exercise does not have to be tedious and boring. I am always amazed how 30 minutes on the Elliptical machine at the gym felt like eternity, and 60 minutes of TRX goes by in the blink of an eye. The constant variation in exercise and muscle groups keep the class interesting and manageable, unlike other classes where you feel like you are doing the same repetitive movements the entire time. Most of all, I think the reason that TRX has been so enjoyable and easy to stick with is the instructor, Rachel Jacobson. Rachel manages to simultaneous push you to your limits while making sure that you respect your own limitations. She is both encouraging and inspiring as an instructor, and because she believes in your abilities, it makes you believe in your abilities. Furthermore, I have some problems with my knees, which was very limiting to me with other types of exercise. However, due to Rachel's training in rehabilitation through pilates, she has been able to adjust all of the exercises so that my knees do not hurt and I am not doing further damage to them. I am thrilled that regular exercise is now a part of my life thanks to Rachel, and I have no doubt that it is the beginning of a life-long habit.

Debbie M.
Minneapolis, MN.

TRX is the most complete workout I've ever done. After each class, I can feel that every inch of my body has been challenged and strengthened. Going for a long run is good, lifting weights at the gym is good, but TRX combines it all for you. In just one efficient hour at a time, you will get your heart rate up, strengthen your core, solidify your balance, improve your flexibility, and tone your body.

Rachel couldn't be a better trainer. Her knowledge and fluency in the science of a good workout is complemented by her contagious enthusiasm and positivity. It is difficult to avoid having fun at these TRX classes -- something that makes working out ultimately easier than it would be otherwise. Lastly, Rachel gives individualized attention to each person based on their unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. This ensures that no matter what level you're at, you are doing the best possible exercise for your own body.

Alex Bronzo
Washington, DC.

I began Rachel Jacobson’s exercise programs approximately nine months ago. I started with Pilates and worked my way into TRX, eventually attending 2-3 times each week. Prior to training with Rachel, I had not exercised for several years. I am not the type of exerciser who can go for a run or lift some weights. My self-motivation is incredibly low and I need the motivation of others to get me excited to work out. I searched for classes that fit my needs but overcrowding, lack of personalization, and the language barrier made this an impossible task. Additionally, I have had chronic knee problems since a surgery I had 11 years ago when I was 16. Often when I am in classes with many students, I find myself unable to keep up with the movements because of intense pain in my knee. I constantly am trying to find ways to do the exercises that are given that will not cause me pain. In the end, I wind up doing the exercise completely wrong and causing myself more discomfort. Not to mention the embarrassment of a teacher stopping a 30-person class to try to listen to your complaints.

When I moved to Israel from the United States, I felt out of my comfort zone in many areas and exercise was one of them. This all changed when I joined TRX TLV. I was incredibly hesitant to begin attending classes because I had such poor previous experiences. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have knee pain for the rest of my life. In my first class of Pilates, where there were just four students, I told Rachel that there were certain things I just absolutely would not be able to do because of knee pain. She smiled and told me that there is always something I could do and that her entire goal is to never let us experience pain in any part of our body as we work out. She explained that she would personalize my workout experience to build up muscles around my knee and throughout my leg. Her creativity in new movements and her patience with my frustration was not only refreshing in a teacher, it changed my life. I used to wake up in the morning to a throbbing knee pain and dread a simple walk to the store. This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Prague. I walked up and down the hills, on cobblestone streets, and steep medieval stairs from 8 AM-6 PM without once asking for a break. It was an empowering feeling to be strong enough and healthy enough to enjoy an adventure pain-free.

I recently left Tel Aviv and one of the most difficult things for me was leaving Rachel and the TRX community she had created. Her classes were atmospheres of intensity, enthusiasm, great kindness, and a sense of community that can only be created by a genuinely talented leader. The time and attention Rachel gave me regarding my knee was not an anomaly. She designs each person’s workout experience to fit their level, injuries, strength, and goals.

The first thing I did when I returned to the US was join a fitness class and although it will never compare to TRX TLV, I have Rachel to thank for creating a life-long exerciser in me…and that was no easy task!

Megan Nathan
Denver, CO.

In the nearly six years that I’ve known Rachel Jacobson, I have been inspired, motivated, enlightened, and trained in ways I didn’t know I had in me. When Rachel first offered to train me, I thought “great!” but that there was no way I would keep up with her and I would just embarrass myself. But Rachel’s non- judgmental personality, sincere warmth, and genuine interest in my personal fitness made me forget my own insecurities and simply made me focus on my own individual fitness goals.

I have enjoyed training with Rachel so much that I have successfully recruited my husband and a few other friends to join Rachel’s TRX classes. They too, have returned, not only for the great fitness benefits of TRX, but also due in large part to Rachel’s charisma. She is patient and warm. She is extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the body, the most effective ways to use the body when working out, and probably most importantly, how not to injure oneself.

I have observed the way Rachel interacts and instructs her other clients in our TRX classes. As a high school teacher, I find that her patience and ability to instruct is motivation for me to be the same way with my own students.

Rachel’s zest for health and fitness is contagious. She has inspired me not only to incorporate exercise (both strength training and cardio) into my weekly routine, but also to make healthier food choices in my daily life. Rachel has supplied me with various recipes that I have used repeatedly, which has taught me the value of using all-natural ingredients in all of my meals. More importantly, however, Rachel has made me feel the same passion for fitness that she exudes and that I too can become a trainer, to make health and fitness a priority in my life. This encouragement will lead me to taking a personal trainer training course later this year.

I used to only do cardio workouts, with very little or no strength training at all. Thanks to Rachel, I have seen first hand how important consistent strength training is, and I will never go back. The two years that I have been training with Rachel have been the most fun, the most challenging, and the most fit I have ever been in my 29 years.

I recommend Rachel both as a professional, knowledgeable, experienced trainer, as well as a warm, sincere, patient, and caring friend.

Rachel F. Manni
New York, NY

I started training privately in one on one session with Rachel two years ago (in October 2009). It was very clear to me from the start that I "struck gold" in finding her. Rachel would help me achieve my goals.

Rachel's persistence on the quality and safety verses quantity of exercises was the reason I continued with her. I will not be injured during our sessions due to Rachel's meticulous focus on my form and safety. I am a 54 year old male and in great health and a good understanding of my body. I intend to keep it that way and keep improving it.

In the last two years, Rachel helped me to reduce the percent of my body fat, drop 4 kg and increase my fitness to such a level that I often get comments that I look much younger than my age. I am very happy with the result I have from working with rachel.

The workouts and knowledge she has will assist you in reaching your goals.

Udi Raved
Tel Aviv, Israel

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"I have been inspired, motivated, enlightened, and trained in ways I didn’t know I had in me..."
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"TRX is the most complete workout I've ever done..."
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